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Pick the employer branding vendor that's right for you.

Employer branding is a relatively new function, so it might feel like you're flying blind when picking the right partner.

This ebook lists 23 agencies, consultants and practitioners in the US employer branding space so you can make sure you're talking to the ones who best fit your needs.

An apples-to-apples index of 23 employer brand practitioners to help you build your "short list" in minutes instead of weeks.

No employer brander is right for all clients.

So not every employer brand partner is right for you.

Choose wisely.

Some companies specialize in large companies. Some in startups. Some companies take a data and research approach, while others focus on the creative output.

But when you're choosing a vendor, how can you know?

You could spend weeks and months tracking down options and booking sales calls to try and create your own apples-to-apples comparison and still wonder if you missed something.

Instead, check out this free resource. You'll hear directly from individual practitioners, do-it-all agencies, and everything in between. You'll discover companies you hadn't heard of, and learn what they specialize in, how they approach the work, and what services they offer. You'll even get questions you should be asking when evaluating your options.

With one ebook, you'll streamline your own discovery process, and gain the confidence you need to select a great employer brand partner.

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